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Prices for pups:

All colors: $1200. 

Above Price includes AKC LIMITED registration, microchip, AKC puppy protection package--$217 VALUE-includes

AKC LIMITED Registration
AKC Complimentary 30-Day Trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan*
Lifetime enrollment in AKC ReUnite pet recovery service
AKC Family Dog Magazine - 1 year subscription
AKC New Puppy Handbook
Lifetime Behavioral support thru AKC GoodDog Helpline
Complimentary office visit at a veterinary practice listed with the AKC Veterinary Network 

Also included: dew claws removed (usually), age appropriate puppy shots, several dewormings, puppy shot record, copies of parents'  health clearances, one year conditional hip guarantee, which can be extended to up to 3 years if additional conditions met. Price also includes MO sales tax. 

Shipping is available for an additional cost of $500 to some locations (includes travel crate, airfare, vet exam and health certificate, travel insurance, and transportation to the airport)  We ship on Fridays. (weather permitting--no shipping available when temps are less than 20 degrees or over 80 degrees at departing or arrival airports)

Shipping requires that buyer is considering pup for a working purpose--hunting, showing, breeding, therapy, security, etc. in order to comply with USDA regulations. 

Hip guarantee includes replacement pup of equal value. If the replacement pup is of a higher value, then the difference is the responsibility of the buyer. O'Dell Labs always retains the right of first choice of any litter.  


New policy for visitors: to protect our 2-legged family and our 4-legged family. No visitors allowed unless you have paid your deposit. We understand the desire to meet the puppies before placing a deposit, but with the dangers of COVID-19 and PARVO (very prevalent in our area at this time), we are only allowing folks to come to pick out their pup after they have placed a deposit. We are happy to do Facetime, provide photos with date and your name, and we encourage you to call our vet office (Sullivan Veterinary Hospital) at 573-468-6774to ease your mind about who we are. But who we are is folks in love with our families (2-legged and 4-legged), and we are willing to lose a potential sale in order to protect them. 

We love visitors, and want you to be able to choose your puppy in person, if possible, after puppies are up and running around. But, we are also VERY protective of our puppies. Puppies and parents will be brought out to the front yard or porch for viewing and playing. No one is allowed into the living areas of our dogs, to protect them from outside germs. In addition, please do not visit any other homes, kennels, adoption centers, pet stores (or stores that allow pets)etc. before coming to our place. Also, please do not bring your other dog(s) along. While I love to see other dogs, especially O'Dell Labs you got from us previously, it's very stressful on them, and I just can't take a chance of bringing other germs in.Some viruses can be carried in on shoes and clothing! If you are too far away to come twice (to pick out at about 5 weeks of age, and again to pick up), we will do short videos and lots of photos

Whomever you choose to buy from, check the parents' health testing! 

Venmo username: Amy-ODell-3    

Zelle payments: 3147956094

You may also mail a reservation fee check to O'Dell Labs, PO Box 52, Sullivan, MO 63080. Checks accepted until pups are 5 weeks old. After that, cash, Post Office money order, Venmo, or Zelle is required for reservation fee. Cash only due at pickup. Venmo and Zelle are also accepted for final payment, but cash is much preferred. Picking order is determined by the order reservation fees are received. Choices must be made by the time pups are 6 weeks old, so that others can make their choices, and we know which pups are still available for advertising purposes. If you can't come in person to make your choice, we will send lots of photos and short videos to help. If you don't make your choice by age 6 weeks, we will choose for you, or allow the next person in line to come make their choice. O'Dell Labs reserves the right to first pick in any litter. 

Find us on Facebook at O'Dell Labs


O'DELL LABS: Purchase Agreement/Contract for Pet

The following Purchase Agreement/Contract is between O'Dell Labs (seller) and ____________________________ (buyer).

This agreement is made and entered into this_________ day of __________________, 20_____.

The buyer agrees to purchase a___________________ (color) ______ male  ______ female from the litter of _____________________________________

(dam) and ____________________________________ (sire) whelped on ______________________________ (date) for the agreed purchase price of $__________________.

Registration Type: AKC:    Limited registration   

A non-refundable reservation fee of $300.00 is required to place a 'hold' on a specific puppy, or for your place in the picking order. Choices must be made by the time pups are 6 weeks old, so that others can make their choices, and we know which puppies are still available for advertising purposes. If that puppy becomes unavailable, 100% of the reservation fee will be refunded or can be switched to another litter within one year, if the buyer so desires. If the buyer changes his/her mind in regard to the purchase of the pup/dog once the seller receives the deposit, the deposit will be forfeited by the buyer. All puppies are sold with limited AKC registration unless otherwise specified by the seller. Full registration can be purchased for an additional $1000, to approved breeders. Seller reserves the absolute right to terminate the contract at any time prior to the placement of the pet for any reason - if seller terminates contract, 100% of the deposit will be refunded. In order to comply with USDA regulations, if this pup is being shipped, the buyer agrees that the pup is being considered for a working purpose: protection, show, breeding, therapy, service, hunting.

Nonrefundable reservation fee paid by ______check ______cash ______Paypal  or Venmo       Cash paid at pickup: $_________

*No checks at pick-up!!!

This contract is not transferable.

The purchase price does not include the costs of shipping, such as transportation fees, shipping crates, health certificates, or any other costs incurred to ship a pet to a specific location. Shipping costs are usually $500, which does include airline approved shipping crate, airfare, health certificate and veterinary examination, travel insurance, and transportation to the airport. We also are willing to meet to hand deliver puppy, for an additional fee to cover gas, so that your puppy does not have to fly. We will usually go places in MO within an hour or two to save you some driving time, with no additional fee, or if further, for an additional gas fee. This will always depend on our availability--we have family, full-time jobs, other commitments, too.

We do not guarantee:

O'Dell Labs does not guarantee the puppy's eventual size, color, temperament or the ability to reproduce. Seller does not guarantee against ear mites, worms or other parasitic infestations or bacterial and/or viral infections (such as coccidia or giardia) or any other 'genetic' or 'congenital' defects (this includes small umbilical cord hernias, which are easily repaired when spaying and neutering is done, or retained testicle, which is also solved with neutering) other than hip dysplasia and heart defects at the time of sale or thereafter.  Other life-threatening genetic defects may be covered at seller's discretion, with proof of examination and vet's report. For orthopedic issues, x-rays must be submitted to OFA for evaluation, and the OFA results sent to the Seller. Seller warrants that the above described puppy has been vet-inspected. Seller warrants that the above described pet is in good health visually at the time of the sale and preventative treatment for all likely parasites has been given, but no such treatment can be 100% effective. Going to a new home is stressful and causes decreased immunity, so it is normal for a puppy to have stress-induced diarrhea and then an infection because of that decreased immunity. We go over our vaccination and parasite prevention protocol often with our vet’s office to make sure we are doing all we can to make the transition successful.

Buyer's Obligations:

All veterinarian expenses for a wellness check, possible life-threatening genetic defects, yearly exams or any veterinarian expenses incurred for the pet while in the buyer's possession are not the responsibility of the seller. Seller is not responsible for any vet expenses incurred for the pet by the buyer. Seller does not assume any responsibility for the shipping costs if a pet is required to be shipped back into the seller's possession.

The buyer agrees to maintain the pet's health in good condition, including a healthy weight, and to provide yearly examinations, vaccinations, heartworm test and any other usual procedures necessary to assure good health of the pet. The buyer agrees to provide a suitable area for this pet to have adequate food, shelter and to be housed securely. The buyer agrees to keep puppy out of public places such as Petsmart or dog parks until vaccination series is complete. The buyer also agrees to limit strenuous exercise for the first year, such as repeated stairs, frisbee, long runs, etc. Part of a healthy condition includes high quality food. We recommend large breed puppy formula for the first year, and we start all our puppies on DIAMOND Naturals brand Large Breed Puppy Formula. (This brand was chosen because it is corn, wheat, and soy free. It is widely available in the Midwest, most other places, and online.) To search for this food in your area, visit their website:

If you are thinking of changing food, research dog food at and make the switch slowly. Make sure what you are changing to is a high quality food formulated for large breed dogs. In addition, we now highly recommend NuVet vitamins to be given for the first year, and our hip guarantee can be extended to two years if you keep your puppy on NuVet, and three years if you add the Nuvet Hip/Joint formula in addition to the daily vitamin supplement. These orders must be placed using our breeder's code at so that I can keep track of who is still ordering.

If life events occur that necessitate the rehoming of an O'Dell Lab puppy, please contact us and we will help. We will take the dog back in most cases, and work to find another home, at no cost to the breeder, and no refund will be given for any reason besides a genetic medical issue, as outlined above. It is our deepest desire that no puppy from us would ever end up in a shelter, so we are happy to help find a new home for our babies, but all sales are final.

Health Guarantee:

Buyer must take puppy in for a wellness/baseline exam within the first 5 business days after pup leaves the breeder. Failure to complete this initial exam voids this guarantee. This guarantee is for a replacement pup and not for returned monies (except in cases where all conditions are met, and life-threatening genetic defect is found and proof given). Be sure that the vet verifies the microchip number on this and all paperwork. This is the only way we know the pup in question is the pup we provided.

If a diagnosis of a heart issue should occur before the pet turns 1 year of age, the breeder must be contacted immediately to discuss the issues. If the breeder is not contacted prior to treatment, this contract will be deemed null and void. The buyer is financially responsible for any treatments, medications and hospitalizations provided to the pet. The most common cause of heart murmurs is a heartworm infestation - this guarantee does not apply if caused by heartworms or any other parasitic or bacterial infection.

Seller does not assume any liability for any injury or sickness on the buyer's property once the pet is in the possession of the buyer. 30 days of pet insurance is available upon activation, as soon as I send in your registration application to AKC. The website to activate is provided in your puppy packet. I strongly recommend at least this first 30 days of insurance, and then it's still a good idea after your free trial is over. 

All age-appropriate vaccinations and de-worming medications have been administered prior to the pet being sold/purchased. Buyer must continue the vaccination schedule on time for this guarantee to be valid. If the buyer’s vet insists on starting over on the vaccination schedule, this health guarantee is null and void. Over-vaccinating can be deadly, or cause other permanent issues. If your vet thinks a breeder would falsify your puppy’s shot record, you may need a new vet. We do not recommend or take records from Banfield Animal Hospital or any PetsMart vet. 

Other common causes of both heart murmurs and hip dysplasia in dogs is poor nutrition (obesity) and/or inappropriate exercise - this guarantee will be null and void if defect is caused by these preventable conditions. High quality food, healthy weight, and proper exercise is a must! In addition, we now recommend NuVet vitamins as outlined above.

Strenuous exercise such as repeated stairs, playing frisbee, long runs, or dock jumping is not recommended for the first year. Developing bones and joints need adequate and regular exercise but not over exercise. A good rule of thumb is 5 minutes of walking at a time per month of age.

Hip Guarantee:

This hip guarantee is valid until the pet reaches the age of 12 months, but can be extended to 24 months if puppy is kept on NuVet vitamins, and to 36 months if the NuVet hip and joint formula is added to the NuVet vitamins. For this guarantee to be valid, the pet must not have been bred or have sired a litter. Males must not be neutered until age 12 months, in order for hip guarantee to be honored. Females should be at least 6 months old before being spayed. The latest research supports waiting longer to alter, to support optimal joint health.

It is understood that hip dysplasia can be caused by poor nutrition or injury and that the pet is guaranteed to the extent of genetic/structural (not due to poor nutrition, injury, or over-exercise) hip dysplasia only.

In the event of a diagnosis from OFA of genetic moderate or severe hip dysplasia, the seller agrees to replace said pet with a pet of the same quality.

This guarantee does not apply to any other genetic conditions. We do appropriate testings at great expense to attempt to provide the best and most genetically sound animals possible, but cannot guarantee against all eventualities, including allergies or later developing skin conditions.

Replacement pup information:

For the replacement puppy to be provided, the following terms must be met:

1.   Buyer notifies the seller promptly after such condition is diagnosed

2.   A copy of OFA's report must be sent to the seller (if there is a hip issue), showing that the dog does have moderate or severe hip dysplasia.

3.   The pet must not have been bred or sired a litter.

4.   The buyer must provide the seller with a written statement from a licensed vet stating that the pet was spayed or neutered, along with a complete copy of the veterinary record, specifying that the pet suffers from a genetic hip dysplasia, but was not altered until 12 months, for males, or 6 months for females.

By signing this Agreement/Contract, the buyer acknowledges and understands the contents and has entered into this legal binding contract freely.

Buyer name:             _________________________________________________

Address:                   _________________________________________________

City, State, Zip         _________________________________________________

Cell phone                _________________________________________________

Email address:        _________________________________________________

If shipping is required: Buyer agrees that the electronic submission of this contract is equal to a physical signature. The buyer also agrees that this puppy is being considered for a working purpose such as hunting, security, therapy, showing or breeding.

Signature:                 __________________________________ Date: __________

Name of puppy to be used for AKC papers:_____________________________________________

Seller name:  O'Dell Labs, Amy O'Dell, PO Box 52, Sullivan, MO 63080   314-795-6094, Find us on FACEBOOK at O'Dell Labs, or on the web at

Signature:                 _________________________________________________