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We have begun testing for Stargardt disease, an eye issue that can cause partial blindness, that recently had a test developed by PawPrints genetic laboratory. It is an autosomal recessive condition, meaning that a dog must have two copies of the gene to be affected by it. We do have some carriers, but since we now know this, we will only pair them with dogs that are clear of Stargardt. This is why we continually research to make sure we are doing everything we can to produce healthy dogs. It is now also included in the Embark panel, but we purchased these DNA tests separately from PawPrints for those we needed to before they added it to the Embark panel. 

O'Dell's Aspen is our champagne girl who lives in a guardian home. Aspen has OFA excellent hips, normal elbows, patellas, basic cardiac, shoulders, and full dentition. Aspen is clear of everything in the genetic testing panel, including Stargardt. She will be paired with Thunder for silver and chocolate pups. 

O'Dell's Sydney, one of the girls we kept back from the Olympics litter from Win and Cash, a couple of years ago, had her first litter, bred to Thunder. They can have black, charcoal pups, chocolate and silver. Thunder does not carry yellow, so there will not be any yellow/champagne pups. Their first pairing was an outstanding and blocky litter with wonderful thick coats, and fantastic personalities. 

O'Dell's Luna Ash Ruger, from Benelli's last litter, is a charcoal daughter of Johnny Cash. She does not carry chocolate, and was paired with Elijah for an all charcoal litter. They are some stunning, blocky headed pups with plenty of athletic ability. Luna is clear by parentage for all diseases through Embark, but is a Stargardt carrier through testing from PawPrints. Luna's next litter will be with Daniel, for all yellow and black pups. 

O'Dell's Flag Day Liberty--littermate of Rosie (born 6/14/20), daughter of Daniel and of Jazmine (who traces back to Lily, Josiah), OFA Good Hips, normal elbows, patellas, shoulders, thyroid, basic cardiac, full dentition. Coat color eebbDD. Embark panel is clear! Liberty lives with her guardians close by, and loves to fetch and snuggle with her family which include 4 kids. She was paired with Thunder for her first litter, and those 10 chocolate babies were amazing! She will next be paired with Cash or Magnum. 

O'Dell'sElla Mae (born 5/15/20)is the daughter of Jett and DIno. Her OFA results are in, and she has OFA clearances for hips. elbows, patellas, shoulders, basic cardiac, thyroid, and full dentition. She carries chocolate, but does not carry yellow or dilute. She is clear for all diseases through Embark. Ella will be paired with Daniel for some sweet and blocky chocolate and black pups. Ella and Daniel both carry tan points, so their litters have a chance for some pups with tan points. Ella will next be paired with Thunder for all black and chocolate pups. 

O'Dell's Annie Oakley (6/21) is a beautiful silver girl we purchased from Silver Rose Labs in Oregon. She carries the long coat gene, which gives her a lush, thick coat. Oakley is clear on her Embark panel for all diseases, has OFA good hips, normal shoulders, patellas, basic cardiac, and full dentition. We have started adding some long coat carriers because there seems to be a correlation in adding the long coat gene to insuring proper coats in dilutes. Oakley is a carrier for Stargardt disease. Oakley will not have another litter until later in 2024. 
O'Dell's Olive Beretta (3/20), light yellow with liver nose daughter of Benelli and Daniel, clear by parentage for all diseases through Embark, as well as Stargardt through PawPrints. She has passed her preliminary hips and elbow xrays, and has OFA certificates with normal patellas, shoulders, full dentition, normal basic cardiac, normal thyroid panel. Her coat type is eebbDd. Olive had her first litters with Cash, and they are amazing!! I kept back a chocolate female from her most recent litter. Olive will be paired with Roman, a Romanian import boy (yellow and multi-titled), for her final litter in the fall. 


O'Dell's HL Hayleigh (10/20), a chocolate female carrying dilute. Hayleigh came to us from Hedge Lane Labradors in Kansas. She is the epitome of English type. Hayleigh has OFA excellent hips (pre-lim), normal elbows, patellas, shoulders, basic cardiac, and full dentition. She was paired with Cash for her first litter, and the pups were everything I thought they would be. Hayleigh is clear on her Embark panel, except she is a nonaffected carrier of HPNK, and none of her pups can be affected since Cash is clear. Hayleigh is clear for Stargardt through PawPrints. Hayleigh will next be paired with Charlie or Kobe in Kansas. 

O'Dell's HL Hey, I'll Have More Please (Morrie)

Morrie is a full sister to Hayleigh, and likes to eat, just like Hayleigh. She's a wonderful thick girl, with a very sweet personality. She gets to go to work with her guardian dad every day, so she loves people! Her OFA preliminary results are good hips, normal elbows, and has her OFA certificates also for shoulders, patellas, basic cardiac, and full dentition. Morrie went to her first shows recently and got her conformation championship title, as well as best in group two times!!! Morrie will travel back to Kansas to be paired with Kobe or Charlie. 

O'Dell's Kimber Lu C (call name Lucee--born 9/20), is from our first Cash and Benelli litter and she is everything we hoped for!!! She has OFA good hips and normal elbows (pre-lim), normal patellas, shoulders, basic cardiac, and full dentition. She is clear by parentage through Embark, but is a nonaffected carrier of Stargardt disease through Pawprints.Her coat type is eeBBDd. She was paired with Elijah for black and charcoal pups, and for her 2nd litter she was paired with Daniel for all black and yellow English pups. Lucee recently competed in her first conformation show, making the judges smile at her sweet and friendly disposition. She also earned her championship title!!! Lucee will have one more litter with Daniel, and that will be her final litter. We will keep 2 of her girls to ensure we keep her line going. 

O'Dell'sLoni (9/2019)is the daughter of Lia and Daniel. . Loni was paired with Cash for all 3 colors,  with her 2nd litter. The pups were absolutely stunning!  Loni has OFA good hips, normal elbows and patellas, full dentition, normal basic cardiac. She is clear through her Embark panel, and is clear for Stargardt through Pawprints. Loni will likely be retired this year unless we can have one final litter with Cash.

O'Dell's Rosie the Riveter (6/14/20) is the chocolate daughter of Jazmine (daughter of Daisy and Liberty who belongs to the Kluesner family in southern MO) and Daniel. She is clear by parentage for all diseases, also has her own Embark panel completed showing all clear, clear for Stargardt through PawPrints,and has OFA clearances for hips, elbows , patellas, shoulders, basic cardiac, thyroid, and full dentition.  Her coat type is EebbDD.  

O'Dell's Sophie IIis the daughter of SHR O'Dell's Peyton (dual titled in show and hunt test) and StCrk's Grand Duke of Silvermist BN RN. Sophie carries yellow and dilute. Sophie will be paired with Shane for yellow and black pups.  Sophie's coat type is EeBBDd, meaning she carries yellow and the dilute gene but does not carry chocolate. Sophie's Embark panel is complete and she is clear for all the diseases known to exist in Labradors: Embark Results   (right click on link to open in new window) Sophie has OFA good hips, normal elbows and patellas. Sophie is now spayed, and is ready for a retirement home on a farm. 

O'Dell's Winchester is a black daughter of Benelli and Elijah. She is one of our up-and-coming girls who will carry on the next generation of O'Dell Labs. She will be bred to Cash. Winchester has her championship title! Her OFA x-rays came back (Pre-lims) good hips, normal elbows and patellas. Her coat type is EeBbDd . With Cash, she will have mostly black pups, with a chance for yellow, chocolate and dilute. Win's last litter is here, and is absolutely stunning! She has been spayed and willlive out her retirement with her guardian, Ruth. We have kept back  a yellow girl, Sydney, from her last litter with Cash, and kept 2 from her litter with Elway in KS. 

O'Dell'sJett is a full sister to Daniel, our gorgeous chocolate boy. Jett will be paired with Dino first, and then Shane in the future, and maybe once with Cash. Jett's coat type is EeBbDD. Jett has OFA good hips, normal elbows and patellas.  Jett just had her final litter, with Shane, with all 3 colors. Jett has been spayed and is ready for her retirement home. 

O'Dell's Benelli is a beautiful yellow girl purchased as a puppy for her impressive bloodlines, and will be paired with Elijah for chocolate, black, silver, and charcoal pups. She has her show championship! Her daughter, Finch, has followed in her footsteps into the show ring, and received her championship title, including a PERFECT score!!Benelli has OFA fair hips, normal elbows and patellas. Her coat type is eeBbDd.  She is clear for all diseases known to occur in Labs. Her results from Embark are here. Benelli's Embark results (right click to open in new window) Benelli has had her final litter, and has been spayed, and will live out her retirement here with us. Her daughters, Winchester, Olive, Kimber Lucy, and Ash Ruger have been retained for our program, as well as her son Magnum. She has been one special girl to us!!!