Once in a while, we do offer up a retired dog or two for adoption, or sometimes a young dog just didn't meet our standards for breeding--we only want the best of the best to be bred. Sometimes we have dogs returned to us because the owner's situation changed, or they can no longer care for the dog. (We will ALWAYS take our babies back, and NEVER want any of our dogs to end up in a shelter!) The dogs raised here have usually been raised as outside dogs, but would love to transition to being inside with a new family. They are good with older children, but are not used to a lot of excitement and roughhousing. They would be excellent running buddies, and have years of love to give, without going through the puppy stage.  They are always up-to-date on vaccinations and heart worm medication, and used to being crated inside at night, but are not fully house-trained. These dogs are very special, and we want only the best life-long home for them to enjoy. They are only available because we have other retired dogs now (Benelli, and soon-to-be Elijah), and we would love for these to have more individual attention. AKC papers are not included when we adopt one of these out, but if you are planning on some kind of show or event that you need those, please let us know.     

Courtney, 2-year-old yellow female, will soon be spayed and be on the search for her forever home. She is very laid back, gets along well with all other dogs. Not housetrained but would be easy to train. $400 adoption fee after she’s spayed, and recovered

Sophie, small black 4-year-old girl, who has been spayed recently. She would do best on a farm. $400 adoption fee

Shane—4-year-old English yellow male, neutered  Shane is gorgeous, and has a fun personality, but is a bit of an alpha, so needs an alpha owner. He would do best in a home where he can have room to run.  He’s good to stay in the yard when loose, and is a handful on the leash. Adoption fee is $300.