Downsizing and making a few select American and American/English intact dogs available to breeding home.

As I seek to constantly improve our practices and program, I have decided to move to mostly English bloodlines, and would love to help another breeder improve their program with these American and American/English cross dogs. I have extensive health and color testing on each of these dogs, or on their parents, which instantly puts a new breeder or one seeking to expand ahead of the game.  I would also be happy to mentor newer breeders, and provide support as you embark on your journey. 

All records are included: health testing, full AKC registration, vaccinations. Discount available if you take multiple dogs. 

In case you are wondering: What's the difference in American and English labs? Both are 100% purebred Lab but there are two major distinct types. The heavier boned, massive blocky head, shorter stockier body with thick "otter" tail are the English lines. These are the type that are shown in AKC conformation shows. They are typically more laid back in personality also. American labs are known as the field type, and are usually the type you see at hunt tests and field trials. They have a leaner body style, longer noses, more drive, are taller and have thinner longer tails. Really good American labs can go hunting all day, and then have a great off switch in the house to hang out with the family after the day's hunt is over. I like the combination of the two. My American/English crosses have nice blocky heads, great athletic ability and are easily trained for all kinds of work, therapy, and companionship. I still love this type, but as I get older, the more laid-back personalities of the English are more sensible for me. 

Available studs:

O'Dell's Elijah: Full Embark Panel is complete, plus Paw Prints tests for Stargardt, Copper Toxicosis, and clear by parentage for RD/OSD. Eli is a nonaffected carrier of PRA, but as long as he is always paired with a clear female, no pups can be affected. Eli is dilute black (charcoal) with a thick coat, and carries chocolate but does not carry yellow. Eli has OFA good hips, normal elbows. Easy natural breeder who knows his job. His most recent litters are of 10 and 12 pups. He has extensive hunt training, but would need a refresher. He is e-collar trained, and is an excellent running buddy. He weighs about 70-75 lbs and has several pups that are larger. Pedigree: Full registration, microchipped, up to date on all vaccines. Would be willing to provide negative brucellosis, and add OFA patellas, basic cardiac, and dentition to breeding home, if asked. Price is $1500.

Sportsman Labs Professor Cash: OFA Pre-lim hips (good), normal elbows, shoulders, patellas, basic cardiac, full dentition. Embark tested--clear for everything except he is a non-affected carrier of EIC. Prof. Cash is chocolate, and carries yellow and dilute. He's a very large young boy (78 lbs at 12 months), so I expect he will top 90 lb by the time he's two. He is very, very sweet-natured, and gets along well with other dogs. He's only been with us for a few weeks, but is said to be house-trained and crate-trained. He has a big beautiful head, but I would consider him an American-English cross. He has several hunting champions not too far back in his pedigree ( He is unproven, but definitely has potential to be an amazing stud for a young or improvement-minded program. Just had full work-up at the vet--heartworm negative, up-to-date vaccinations including bordatella and rabies.

Price for full registration is $1500.



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