Win traveled to KS and was paired with an outstanding silver boy, Elway. She has 1 champagne female available. Ready December just in time for Christmas—can go home 12/15.

Oakley and Thunder had their first litter Oct. 6. Ready to go Dec. 1. One chocolate boy available.

Libby and Thunder have a litter of all chocolate puppies. These pups will be ready to go home right at Christmas (12/23 is earliest), or we are happy to hold until after the busy holiday season so bringing puppy home isn't so stressful! 2 boys, 2 girls available

SPRING/Summer 2023 planned litters:

Luna/Elijah (will be full dilute litter, all charcoal) due 1/22/23 ready mid March

Lucy/Romanian import boy: ALL yellow litter

Sydney/Thunder (chocolate, black, with a chance for silver and charcoal) (late summer)

Hayleigh/Magnum (chocolate, black, silver, charcoal)

Peighton/?? (likely Magnum for all dilute litter)

Ella Mae/Daniel (chocolate, black, chance of tan-point pups)

Olive/Romanian import boy: all yellow litter (likely late in the year)

Also looking for Guardian/permanent foster homes for pups we are keeping this year! See Guardian page if this sounds like something you would be interested in, and you live within 2 hours of Sullivan, MO. No upfront cost for Guardian/foster families, other than normal puppy supplies.  Guardian pups for 2022:  Winchester girls (2--charcoal and black), chocolate female from GA (Jan 2023)

Prices: $1500 Limited AKC registration, any color

                     (unless otherwise noted!)

                                                                                                                                                                     (AKC limited registration)

Facebook hates me, but for now we can be found at O'Dell Labs. Please text me at 314-795-6094 to contact me. 

NOTE on PRICING: I've always wanted to put healthy, happy Lab pups in the hands of loving families. I've tried to price our pups fairly for the quality and level of health testing we do. Prices lately on everything have increased. We try to set our program apart from others with the level of preparation we do before the pups go home, getting our parents titled, improving the breed with health and disposition, as well as looks. From now on prices for pups will start at $1500 for any color, and may be higher, depending on parents. 

$300 reservation fee (nonrefundable) required to hold a pup, or place in picking order with balance due IN CASH at pickup. We take checks for reservation fee, as long as it's 3 weeks before pick up day, as well as cash, Venmo (without the goods/services option), and Zelle. Cash only please, at pick up. If you pay your reservation feebefore pups arrive, and we don't have a puppy for your choice of color and/or gender, we will automatically move you to the next litter. Or you may choose from any other pups not reserved. We do our best to anticipate colors in a litter, but the dogs don't read the textbooks that tell us the probability of colors based on genetics. 

Price includes AKC limited registration paid, dew claws removed, age appropriate puppy shots, several dewormings, AKC Puppy Protection package, microchip inserted, 2 year conditionalhip guarantee, lifetime guarantee that none of our pups will ever be affected by EIC, CNM, DM, PRA, hyperuricosuria, cystinuria, RD/RSD1, or nasal hyperkeratosis.

FULL BREEDING RIGHTS AVAILABLE FOR ADDITIONAL COST ($1000 in most cases, but will be $1500 for Hayleigh's pups) , TO APPROVED BREEDING/SHOW HOMES. **Hayleigh's pups will have limited availability with this option. 

All parents have extensive health testing including OFA-evaluated x-rays, and additional testing for other genetic diseases known in the Labrador breed, with a full Embark panel of 180+ conditions (or some have both parents with this panel completed, meaning that they are also clear), and for our dogs that carry EIC (Shane) or PRA (Elijah) we do test the dogs we kept, for that condition.


Updated 11/24/22

Oakley and Thunder litter

Brian Wegener, chocolate male, red collar, pu 12/17

Shannon Pohlmann, chocolate girl, orange, pu 12/8

Charlton and Trisha Boyt, female, yellow collar--trading pups Jan. 

Joshua Wilfong, black collar boy, pu 12/12

Win and Elway litter

O'Dell Labs, black and charcoal females

Ashliegh Maquire, 1st pick black male pu 12/18 (maybe later on 17)

Madelyn Kemper, 2nd pick black male

Josh and Christina King, 3rd black male

Brennan Havard, silver male, pu 12/17

Neil Atha, black female, purple collar

Libby/Thunder litter deposits:

Matthew Hibbard, 1st pick chocolate female (lavender collar)

Rachel Parr, male, 1st pick, tan collar--has large white spot pu 12/24

 Santa in TN, male, 2nd pick (blue collar)

Peter and Kelly Wisnant, male 3rd pick (black collar)

Rebecca Rost, gray collar boy pu 12/23

Kelly Messmer, chocolate female, purple collar

HELD deposits for future litters:

Hayleigh 2023 spring litter:

Robert Byrne, first pick male, Hayleigh's next litter

Melanie Griffin, biggest chocolate male, Hayleigh's 

PLEASE EMAIL or TEXT ME FOR newest PUPPY PICTURES!         314-795-6094                                       

Waiting List: (FOR FUTURE PUPS--these are people who know they want an O'Dell Lab pup, but aren't quite ready, or want a specific color/gender we don't currently have. These people will be contacted as soon as pups are for sure on the way, and when pups do arrive, before the general public, no cost to be placed here)

O'Dell Labs reserves the right to the first pick of each litter.

Kathryn Stankweitz, chocolate male or female, late spring/early summer 2023

Andy Ernsting, chocolate or blond female, Daniel’s line, repeat buyer, spring 2023

Angie Buck, chocolate female, FB message

Taylor Lohmann, chocolate pup, spring, FB message and text