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Meet our up-and-coming girls: Jett (black, carries yellow and chocolate, with pre-lim OFA hips good, elbows and patellas normal); Finch (yellow, carries chocolate and dilute--pre-lim OFA good hips, normal elbows and patellas); and Sophie (black, carries yellow and dilute, and probably chocolate, pre-lim OFA good hips, elbows and patellas normal). Loni and Winchester are going in for their x-rays soon, and hopefully they will be added to our group of future moms as well. 

Jett is a full sister to Daniel, our gorgeous chocolate boy. Jett will be paired with Dino first, and then Shane in the future. Jett's coat type is EeBbDD.

Finch is the daughter of Daniel and Benelli, who are both show champions. Finch also has earned her show championship. Finch will be paired with Elijah for silver, charcoal, chocolate and black pups, and possibly Shane in the future. Finch's coat type is eeBbDd

Sophie is the daughter of SHR O'Dell's Peyton (dual titled in show and hunt test) and StCrk's Grand Duke of Silvermist BN RN. Sophie carries yellow and dilute, and probably chocolate. Sophie will be paired with Daniel for chocolate, black and yellow pups, or Dino for chocolate and black pups with a silver or charcoal or two. Sophie's coat type is EeBbDd or maybe EeBBDd.

O'Dell's Benelli is a beautiful yellow girl purchased as a puppy for her impressive bloodlines, and will be paired with Elijah for chocolate, black, silver, and charcoal pups. She has her show championship! Her daughter, Finch, has followed in her footsteps into the show ring, and received her championship title, including a PERFECT score!!Benelli has OFA fair hips, normal elbows and patellas. Her coat type is eeBbDd.  Benelli lives here with us to be paired with Elijah for litters with some dilute, some black and chocolate pups. Benelli will have one more litter, possibly with Shane for all yellow. 

 O'Dell's Kizzy is full sister to Jacob, one of our former boys. They were purchased together as pups to add silver factor lines, and they have amazing dispositions. Their daddy, a huge silver, is from West Virginia and we are excited to have this line in our Lab family. Kizzy is bi-colored--black with tan points. This is frowned upon in the show Labrador world. The coloring is considered a mismark, but we think it's really cool. None of her babies have this coloring--both parents have to have the gene for it, for the pups to have it. Her coat type is EEBbDd. Her babies are already proving to have aptitude for field and water retrieving, and of course, wonderful family dogs. Kizzy is preliminary tested with good hips, and has normal patellas. She is CNM, DM, EIC, Hyperuricosuria, Cystinuria, Retinal dysplasia/Oculoskeletal dysplasia 1, and PRA clear. Kizzy weighs 65 lbs. NEWS UPDATE on one of Kizzy's and Josiah's daughters: Texi has completed her AKC Junior Hunter Title!!! Way to go Texi, and owner/trainer Joe! I love this dog so much, that I have decided to keep one her most recent black pups (now named O'Dell's Peyton), who tested as dilute-factored, so we will be on the hunt for a very special dilute or dilute-factored stud for this pup, after she gets trained for hunting, and passes her hip x-rays! She now has her first UKC title--Started Hunting Retriever! Peyton also has her first conformation title, as well as scoring the highest in her division in one of the shows! 

Kizzy will be spayed soon, and would love a new home in the country. 

Peyton's line will continue through her daughter, Sophie. Peyton is now sold and in her new home nearSeattle, Washington! O'Dell's Peyton is the daughter of Kizzy and Josiah. Peyton is our latest dual-titled girl, and our first UKC Started Hunting Retriever (SHR) titled girl! Peyton also received her conformation title at the 10th annual Top of the Ozarks Kennel Club APRI show, as well as a best of group trophy! Peyton is clear by parentage of EIC, DM, CNM, RD/OSD,  Nasal Hyperkeratosis, Hyperuricosuria, andCystinuria and clear by testing for PRA. Her OFA hip x-rays are rated Good, as well as normal elbows and patellas. Peyton's coat color is EEBbDd. She is registered AKC and UKC.