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Meet our up-and-coming girls: Jett (black, carries yellow and chocolate, with pre-lim OFA hips good, elbows and patellas normal); Finch (yellow, carries chocolate and dilute--pre-lim OFA good hips, normal elbows and patellas); and Sophie (black, carries yellow and dilute, and probably chocolate, pre-lim OFA good hips, elbows and patellas normal). 

Jett is a full sister to Daniel, our gorgeous chocolate boy. Jett will be paired with Dino first, and then Shane in the future. Jett's coat type is EeBbDD.

Finch is the daughter of Daniel and Benelli, who are both show champions. Finch also has earned her show championship. Finch will be paired with Elijah for silver, charcoal, chocolate and black pups, and possibly Shane in the future. Finch's coat type is eeBbDd

Sophie is the daughter of SHR O'Dell's Peyton (dual titled in show and hunt test) and StCrk's Grand Duke of Silvermist BN RN. Sophie carries yellow and dilute, and probably chocolate. Sophie will be paired with Daniel for chocolate, black and yellow pups, or Dino for chocolate and black pups with a silver or charcoal or two. Sophie's coat type is EeBbDd or maybe EeBBDd.

O'Dell's Benelli is a beautiful yellow girl purchased as a puppy for her impressive bloodlines, and will be paired with Elijah for chocolate, black, silver, and charcoal pups. She has her show championship! Her daughter, Finch, has followed in her footsteps into the show ring, and received her championship title, including a PERFECT score!!Benelli has OFA fair hips, normal elbows and patellas. Her coat type is eeBbDd.  Benelli lives here with us to be paired with Elijah for litters with some dilute, some black and chocolate pups. Benelli will have one more litter, possibly with Shane for all yellow. 

O'Dell's Winchester is a black daughter of Benelli and Elijah. She is one of our up-and-coming girls who will carry on the next generation of O'Dell Labs. She will be bred to either Dino or Shane in 2020. Winchester will also be shown. Her OFA x-rays came back (Pre-lims) good hips, normal elbows and patellas. Her coat type is EeBbDd (or slight chance she doesn't carry chocolate). With Dino we would have black, charcoal, hopefully chocolate and silver (only one or two dilutes since both parents carry it). With Shane she would have black, yellow, and hopefully chocolate. Photos soon!