Jett and Shane's first babies are here! We have 1 yellow female available! Ready to go NOW.  Price $1000  for this pup only!!

Loni/Cash babies due 11/22/21 Expecting chocolate and black with a couple of yellows possible.

Also looking for Guardian/permanent foster homes for pups we are keeping this year! See Guardian page if this sounds like something you would be interested in, and you live within 2 hours of Sullivan, MO. No upfront cost for Guardian/foster families, other than normal puppy supplies.  Remi's girl we need a guardian home for is black, and she is very English in looks. Win's dark yellow girls ready in October. 



Prices: $1500 Limited AKC registration, any color

                     (unless otherwise noted!)

                                                                                                                                      (AKC limited registration)

NOTE on PRICING: I've always wanted to put health, happy Lab pups in the hands of loving families. I've tried to price our pups fairly for the quality and level of health testing we do. Prices lately on everything have increased. We try to set our program apart from others with the level of preparation we do before the pups go home, getting our parents titled, improving the breed with health and disposition, as well as looks. Starting June 1, 2021 our prices for pups will start at $1500 for any color, and may be higher, depending on parents. 

$300 deposit (nonrefundable) required to hold a pup, or place in picking order with balance due IN CASH or with Venmo at pickup. We take checks for deposits, as long as it's 2 weeks before pick up day, as well as cash, Paypal (friends and family payment only!), Venmo, and Zelle. Cash only please, at pick up. If we don't have a puppy for your choice of color and/or gender, we will automatically move you to the next litter. We do our best to anticipate colors in a litter, but the dogs don't read the textbooks that tell us the probability of colors based on genetics. 

Price includes AKC limited registration paid,dew claws removed, age appropriate puppy shots, several dewormings, AKC Puppy Protection package, microchip inserted, 1 year hip guarantee, lifetime guarantee that none of our pups will ever be affected by EIC, CNM, DM, PRA, hyperuricosuria, cystinuria, RD/RSD1, or nasal hyperkeratosis.

FULL BREEDING RIGHTS AVAILABLE FOR ADDITIONAL COST ($1000) , TO APPROVED BREEDING/SHOW HOMES. **None of Cash's pups will be available with this option at this time. 

All parents have extensive health testing including OFA-evaluated x-rays, muscle disease screening (EIC, CNM, DM), and eye disease (PRA), and several now have additional testing for other genetic diseases known in the Labrador breed, most with a full Embark panel of 180+ conditions.

New policy for visitors: to protect our 2-legged family and our 4-legged family. No visitors allowed unless you have paid your deposit. We understand the desire to meet the puppies before placing a deposit, but with the dangers of COVID-19 and PARVO (very prevalent in our area at this time), we are only allowing folks to come to pick out their pup after they have placed a deposit. We are happy to do Facetime, provide photos with date and your name, to ease your mind about who we are. But who we are is folks in love with our families (2-legged and 4-legged), and we are willing to lose a potential sale in order to protect them. 

We love visitors, and want you to be able to choose your puppy in person, if possible, after puppies are up and running around. But, we are also VERY protective of our puppies. Puppies and parents will be brought out to the front yard or porch for viewing and playing. No one is allowed into the living areas of our dogs, to protect them from outside germs. In addition, please do not visit any other homes, kennels, adoption centers, pet stores (or stores that allow pets)etc. before coming to our place. Also, please do not bring your other dog(s) along.Some viruses can be carried in on shoes and clothing! If you are too far away to come twice (to pick out at about 5 weeks of age, and again to pick up), we will do short videos and lots of photos

Whomever you choose to buy from, check the parents' health testing! 



Updated 10/9/21

Jett/Shane litter

Future litter:

Thomas Stegall, chocolate female from Cash (wants full registration

Sarah and Ilya Bendich, Loni litter, 1st choice yellow female, 2nd choice black female, DO NOT REMOVE dew claws

Bob Ritchie, yellow female (had to back out of Remi girl, hold deposit until June 2022)

Garret, yellow female, hold deposit until July 2022 ( had to back out of Jett litter)

PLEASE EMAIL or TEXT ME FOR newest PUPPY PICTURES!         314-795-6094                                       

Waiting List: (FOR FUTURE PUPS--these are people who know they want an O'Dell Lab pup, but aren't quite ready, or want a specific color/gender we don't currently have. These people will be contacted as soon as pups are for sure on the way, and when pups do arrive, before the general public, no cost to be placed here)

O'Dell Labs reserves the right to the first pick of each litter. (Planning to keep female pups from Loni,  Remi, and Jett.  We will be looking for guardian homes for these pups! See Guardian Home page--must live within 2 hours from us!)

Ryan Ray, silver or charcoal female, email

Shannon Pohlmann, chocolate or other color female, fall litter 

Robby Smith, charcoal female, Sept/Oct, email/text 

Trenton Yarber, female

Mark McCluskey yellow female, spring 2022 (or older girl if one becomes available)

Angie Siegel, chocolate male, late spring 2022 , FB message

John Boehm, black female full registration, 2022--FB message

Eve Pratte, yellow male, American/English build, taller, bigger, FB message